Main Event

100% Return in all side pools

Open Championship

Entry Fee
$400, 90% Return
Side Pool
Match Points
All rounds are 9 points
This event will use a "More Swiss" format


Entry Fee
$150, 85% Return
Side Pool
Match Points
All rounds are 7 points
This event will use a "More Swiss" format


Entry Fee
$30, 100% Return
The format for the Novice Tournament will be determined by the number of entrants but will most likely start with a round robin and finish with a playoff bracket

More Swiss Format

Tournament Format

  1. Players will be eliminated when they get their fourth loss.
  2. Byes will be treated as wins.
  3. Players with 3 losses are still eligible to cash, but can no longer win the tournament.
  4. When the tournament starts, we will identify the maximum number of places that we are willing to pay. For example, if we have 50 players, we may be willing to pay to up to 7 places.
  5. We will develop several payout structures and post them as soon as practical. For example, if are willing to pay to 7 places, we will develop payout structures for 4, 5, 6 and 7 finishers.
  6. If at the end of any round, the number of players with fewer than four losses is less than or equal to the number of places we are willing to pay…
    • Players that were eliminated in that round will get nothing.
    • We will transition to the "playoff rules"
  7. Under the playoff rules:
    • Everyone left will cash. Payouts will be determined by the appropriate payout structure.
    • All players eliminated with the same record will receive the same prize money.
    • There will be more rounds of Swiss until there is a clear winner. i.e. one player left with two or fewer losses.*
    • Three loss players will be eliminated and paid, unless the tournament director determines that keeping them in for another round will avoid unnecessary byes.
    • The director will gather the remaining players before posting the draw for each round to explain the possible outcomes so that players wishing to hedge may make informed decisions.

*If at the end of a round there are exactly three players left and they all have identical records, we will change from a Swiss format to a three-player playoff format.

Pairing Rules

  1. No player can receive a second bye until all remaining players have had at least one bye.
  2. Byes are awarded to a player with the worst possible record.
  3. Players will be paired against players with as similar a record as possible.
  4. Players will be paired against players they have not played in previous rounds.
  5. If a player has played a previous round against an opponent with a better record, they will not be paired against a player with a better record again, if possible.
  6. If a player has played a previous round against an opponent with a worse record, they will not be paired against a player with a worse record again, if possible.

As the number of remaining players decreases, the pairing rules become harder to enforce and we will relax them from the bottom up.

Unlucky Dice Last Chance

  • The Chicago Open "more swiss" tournament (Open and Intermediate divisions) lasts three days and some players are eliminated on the first day.
  • Many players travel far and spend a significant amount of money to attend backgammon tournaments.
  • Providing some added value and a reason to return for the second day of the tournament seems like the right thing to do.


  • This is a side event. If you cash in the UDLC you do not receive ABT points.
  • All players in the Open and Intermediate that lose 4 matches on Saturday will get a "Free Roll" into the UDLC.
  • Single elimination bracket played on Sunday.
  • All matches are 5 points.
  • Any time an Intermediate player faces an Open Player, they will start with a 1-0 lead.


  • 1st Place receives a custom P-40 Backgammon Board.
  • 2nd Place receives $250.