2nd WBGF Club World Championship

Create Your 3-Player Team

- Any 3-Players residing in the same local club may form a team.

- There is no limit to the number of teams representing a club.

*New Team Rules Per WBGF Executive Board

- A single player from outside the host country may join a host country team with no future restriction.
- If two players outside the host country select a third player from outside the host country, the selected player is required to play for that team for two years.

- If two players outside the host country select a player for their third member, there is no restriction on anyone going forward.

WBGF Club World Championship (BMAB)

Entry Fee
$600 Total for Each 3-Player Team to Include:
$300 Team Entry Fee
$40 per player BMAB Entry Fee
$40 per player Registration Fee
$20 per player Transcription Fee (players may recoup $10 per match that is transcribed by Friday at Midnight)
Side Pools 
Team Side Pool A $300
Team Side Pool B $600
Individual Side Pool $100
Individual PR Side Pool $100, 110% return
The Captain of each Team will designate their players as #1, #2, & #3 at Registration.
In the Group Stage all Clubs will play 4-rounds of 9-point matches.
Clubs will go head to head with a different opponent in each round.
A Team wins a Round when they win at least 2 out of 3 matches.
The total number of teams entering the event will determine the number of teams advancing to the Playoff/Knockout Stage.
Clubs will play 11-Point matches in the Playoff/Knockout Stage.
All matches will be played with clocks set to the standard 2-minute per point bank with a 12-second delay.
All matches will be recorded and transcribed to electronic match files then analyzed by the current version of eXtremeGammon using BMAB settings.
Only matches in the Group Stage will count towards the BMAB competition.