Terms and Conditions

THE CHICAGO OPEN is by invitation only.

The Director reserves the right to refuse an entrant without giving any reason.

All fees paid onsite must be in cash.

Eligibility for all events is subject to approval.

All events at the Chicago Open will be played in accord with the USBGF Tournament Rules (October 2016).

The BG Olympiad, the Markowitz Masters, the Faster Masters, and the Doubles Tournament will be clocks mandatory events. Both the Open and Intermediate “More Swiss” Tournaments will be clocks preferred events. The director may place a clock on any match that is unduly holding up the tournament.

Videotaping in the Open Division and Markowitz Masters is permissible by either player upon request. All matches in the Backgammon Olympiad may be recorded.

The Chicago Open is a USBGF Prime Tournament. $1,000 will be added to the 1-Point Quickie. To qualify for the added money a player must be a USBGF Member.

The number of places paid in any event is dependent upon the number of entrants and may be adjusted at the Director’s discretion.

Please bring your own board and digital clock!!!



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