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Unlucky Dice Last Chance

The "Unlucky Dice" Last Chance (UDLC) is a special Free Roll event created by the Director of the Chicago Open, Rory Pascar. He created this event for a few reasons...

  • The Chicago Open "more swiss" tournament (Open and Intermediate divisions) lasts three days and some players are eliminated on the first day
  • Many players travel far and spend a significant amount of money to attend backgammon tournaments
  • Providing some added value and a reason to return for the second day of the tournament seems like the right thing to do


  • This is a side event. If you cash in the UDLC you do not receive ABT points.
  • All players in the Open and Intermediate that lose 4 matches on Saturday will get a "Free Roll" into the UDLC
  • Single elimination bracket played on Sunday
  • All matches are 7-points.
  • Anytime an Intermediate player faces an Open Player they will start with a 1-0 lead.


  • 1st Place receives a custom P-40 Backgammon Board
  • 2nd Place receives $250

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